The BR Podcast EP 33 Barbarian Banter 006

by Jan 13, 2021

Listen to EP 33 Barbarian Banter 006

Podcast Highlights

Back again with CJ and JimeeGee

We catch up on what has been going on.
Always looking for good ideas, we share some good and bad from the past.
Triumph and Blunder going forward, this should have some entertaining stories.

Come along for the wild ride of conversation.

Questions we answer this week.

Most valuable thing you bought under 100 bucks in the last year? 

It’s 3 am a half bottle of whiskey in what are you watching on youtube? 

Does the standard of being consistent change with the situation? 

You can’t walk anymore; are you crawling, walking on your hands, or summer salting? 

Most hated work around the house? 

Worst injury you’ve had? 

What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

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