The BR Podcast EP 36 Barbarian Banter 008

by Jan 30, 2021

Listen to EP 36 Barbarian Banter 008

CJ, JimeeGee, and Nathan

Joseph Smith joins along with us.

With an added barbarian in the mix to spice things up, come along the twists and turns of this week’s conversation.

Triumph and Blunders

Come along for the wild ride of conversation.

Questions we answer this week.

1. Do you still think of Pluto as a planet, why or why not? 

2. Criteria to trust a man in your foxhole?

3. Would you rather have a live-in chef or a live-in cleaner?

4. What’s a tv show that is extremely nostalgic for you?

5. Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

6. What do you like more fresh-cut grass or baking bread?

7. Will religion ever become obsolete?

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