The Case For “Killing” The Godfather

by May 14, 2020

Without meaning to be “click baity”, I wanted to present to you an inconvenient idea that many of my contemporaries might sneer at: “Killing” the godfather’s in your life.

We all have men in our lives that helped put us into a better mindset and habits compared to what we were raised in. There has been authors whose works helped shape us into a proverbial starting point on our way to being complete men. We might have heard great speakers and even possibly artists that had some semblance of masculinity. The most influential and longest lasting often earned the title “godfather” out of a casual element of respect. In this lies an issue…

In our lives, we always push the younger generation to step up and become the next set of leaders. We lament that there is always an empty spot where some widely respected contemporary of ours once reigned. That is often followed up by an ugly comment about the next set of available men. Outside of verbally supporting the next set of potential leaders; sometimes we need to step down when we have done everything we can. Handing over the reins is what many call it.

I have nothing but respect for the works that have survived the test of time. But often a new leader might have the “update” that will help our movement survive another twenty years. I warn the established class to understand this breaking point. I encourage us to see that in ourselves. In the least watered-down words; don’t let yourselves become a parody of what you were. Don’t be the intellectual “moss grower” and asshole to the men who look up to you, (especially when your supporters physically meet you and even desire to learn from you in person). When the men among you meet this point; ask them to bow for the final time.

Although I would love to use an actual example of the “Godfather” who needs to bow for the final time; I use a great example from a movie that inspired this article. Using the examples from the movie Godfather III; Michael had built an empire on top of his father’s base. He did his best to survive the continual changes and even went “legit”. He knew his next step was to find the person who was best suited to hand off to. His health and his older view was apparent to him. I am hoping that a much maligned movie can give you inspiration the next time you run into someone that transgresses this idea or when that parody of a man is the man in the mirror.

Matt FreeMatt

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