The Civilized Barbarian

by Mar 3, 2020

If you’re truly strong will you abuse that power to prey upon the weak? 

The world has slowly convinced man to become passive and agreeable. Men are easily ruled now and from a young age, are made to suppress their masculine power. If man’s focus is not centered around his own prosperity and well being, he loses himself and his honor. To control man, you must kill his capacity to achieve greatness.

The modern-day barbarian is told not to think. He is told to feel, and he is persuaded to believe the false ideas that a primitive and immoral society impose on him. The idea of greatness can never be destroyed, but the external pressures will use guilt to kill his honor from within. 

Men are made to feel guilty and told they must live for the sake of others, which is never an attainable goal. You are never responsible for another person’s happiness and in doing so you sadly realize you’re incapable of achieving such a task. 

Society doesn’t want a thinking man. You cannot rule a man who thinks, therefore you systematically have him question his ability to reason. A man who is blind to his own weakness displays false strength and one who can be easily manipulated. Have a man believe he is evil for pursuing what is in his best interest and he will question his honor. 

We have conditioned young boys at an early age to be obedient to their parents and submit to power. In order to be ruled you must make sure the future generation is never exposed to greatness. The deception is having man believe that honor is submission and obedience is integrity. 

Man has been conned to sacrifice all that is known in order to please the masses. The intent of societal pressure is to have man sacrifice his honor in order to appease his masters. 

The master and those who follow them blindly are the ones who are uncivilized. Those in power take from the weak, not because of survival or protecting the existence of man, but for reasons of status and greed. They are able to enforce this illusion of power, because they have convinced man he has lost his way. If we cannot see this evil, not only do we become servants to corrupt power, but we lose our capacity to do good. 

The real enemy, the one who takes with force and hides its dominance by the blind obedience of its citizens. While a man wants nothing more than to be free and his right to exist for his own sake, he is quickly labeled the enemy and told his power must be sacrificed for the greater good. This creates a system that destroys honor and values obedience. 

No longer is violence a beneficial way to solve problems or control others. No longer do we need to display dominance in order to survive. We are in a position to create more freedom in the world through cooperation rather than conflict.

A happy man is a free man. A man free from the guilt of outside pressure to pursue greatness once again.

Anthony Migliorino

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