Do Not Allow The Death Of Your Legacy In The World

by Aug 26, 2020

Ancestry and Legacy

A thought occurred to me. You, me, all of us, are here because our ancestors refused to give up. Refused to bow down, refused to quit the fight. I look around at what is happening in our society today at the mindset, mentality, and sorriness that has become a plague.

I often wonder how many bloodlines, how many lineages will end in this generation. Eons of survival, toughness, mental fortitude, and physical strength snuffed out by a generation that rejects traditional roles, rejects marriage, and rejects having kids. Divorces are skyrocketing; we are aborting our descendants at enormous rates.

How many great scientists, great generals, national heroes, future presidents, future business tycoons, future artists, have we snuffed out? Even if that aborted child did not amount to these levels, their children or grandchildren might have. We are destroying our future—the future of our world and our society.

Today Over Tomorrow

We in the west have decided that right now is more important than tomorrow, and that is a failing mindset. Living in the moment will destroy us. I see parents complaining about how much attention their child wants or need. These comments drive me crazy. Why would you not invest in them? Do you know they will be gone one day?

This culture that we have developed of self-indulgence is toxic. We are poisoning the future. We are throwing away what tens of thousands of years of ancestry have fought so hard to achieve. It is like we have lost the desire to ensure the species’ survival—all for self-gratification.

Be Thankful for Legacy

Thank goodness, my grandfather never said, “you know what, I just need to do me for a while.” Thank goodness, my great-grandfather said the depression was too rough and that he would wait for the government to take care of him and his kids. I would not be here today.

Thank goodness I decided that partying and video games were not more important than building a legacy. I would be without my beautiful daughter today.

Along those lines, thank God that my wife did not decide that her “me time” was more important than carrying and delivering my daughter and had an abortion. Which would have ended our relationship might I add. I cannot pass on my name with a girl, but it is not as crucial as the bloodline. Names change, genetics do not. The legacy of a family’s past does not.


There is some hope in the next generation, I have the pleasure of knowing several young men and women embracing the old ways, but as I get older and I see the gray wave approaching I would be lying to think the outlook was good. But perhaps this is needed.

Perhaps we need a reset. After all, if everyone embracing the new mindset refuses to breed, all we will be left with in the next generation is a youth who knows the old ways and embraces them.

Perhaps that is what this is – the great reset.

I think this is the outlook I will take. I have the sorrow of watching a society die, but I also get the privilege of watching the great reset—the purging of bad character, bad morals, and bad ideas.

Perhaps my grandkids will be the next Greatest Generation. Maybe they will fix the corruption plaguing our land and stamp out the poison that is socialism. I have talked before about societal cycles and the lifespan of empires. We are here folks, the fall of the western empire—the turning of the cycle.

The Cycles

Need a refresher on the cycle? One, I highly recommend researching the social cycle theory. Still, without getting too in-depth on a philosophical topic, I will instead use the simple format that the Strauss-Howe Generational Theory gives us.

There are 4 “turnings” in a cycle. The First turning is “The High,” the 2nd turning is the “Awakening,” the 3rd is “The Unraveling,” and the 4th is the “Crisis.” These cycles are 20 years apart or so; in general, each generation will experience each turning a “The Greater Cycle.” For instance, is you are born in the high, the Awakening will occur in early adulthood, the Unraveling in midlife, and the Crisis when you are old.

So, the last four cycles line up like this. The Crisis was during the great depression and ww2. The High Was the post-war boom (1946-1960), The Awakening (1961-1981), The Unraveling, where I was born (1982-2006), and then we are currently in the Crisis stage, beginning roughly around 2008, so we are a little more than halfway through. Looking around, I would say that we are definitely in a crisis. This also means that a new turning is among us, and looking at the levels of cultural divide and criminality today, I would say that this is all coming to a head soon.

To cut my rambling short, let me leave you with this thought. First, research the social cycle; it is fascinating and makes a lot of sense, especially when applying it to history. Secondly, your descendants are going to go through this cycle as well. Our ancestors did, we are, so must they. The way you approach your legacy, and the legacy that you leave behind will determine rather your bloodline survives the next thousand years or fizzles out in the next few decades.


This burden is yours alone. What will you do about it? One last thought, one day this burden will fall on your children, will you have trained them well enough to handle it?

Proverbs 13:22

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.


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