The Difference Is Life-Changing

by Mar 17, 2021


The truth about life is that we are all affected differently by it. No two people have the same start; no two people will have the same finish. What is unique about life is that life is unique to each of us.

Let me tell you a little story about a thing called covid. Thursday, March 4th of 2021, I was diagnosed with Covid-19. At the same time as I was two other men, Stephen and Jon. Stephen is 59 years old, in decent shape for his age, and is my church’s pastor. Jon is 26 years old, works out at the gym daily. Eats healthy. Does not smoke or drink and is the assistant pastor at my church.

For those of you that do not know so much about me, I am 37 years old. Fat. A pretty heavy smoker, 1-2 packs per day. I drink, cuss, fight, and have an all-around bad attitude about most things. We all started out with almost identical symptoms, and we all first started feeling sick within 2 hours of each other.


My sickness ended a little over a week after the diagnosis: no more fever, cold chills, nausea. Granted, I still cannot taste anything, and I can only smell slightly. Stephen is still fighting a fever. That is just about the extent of his symptoms.

Jon is one cough away from the hospital. Laid out in his bed, unable to function. He was diagnosed with double pneumonia just 4 days ago, by the time this article is published. I am actually the substitute teacher for his class this week. Yep, I am teaching high school. Poor kids.

Three different people, three different illnesses, all from the same virus. Three different reactions, three different results, three different lives.

This is how it goes for every situation. I have seen people born rich go homeless, and I have seen people born poor: buy their parents’ mansions. Every life, for every person, is entirely different, and for the most part, you are in control.

Your mentality and your choices will make every moment of the rest of your life. I know many of you don’t want to hear that, but it is what it is. You are responsible for your life, no one else.


I recently celebrated my 1-year anniversary of retirement from the corporate world. I was released from my job after a new computer software automated my job. This also occurred when covid was getting into its full swing. So everyone else was laying off as well.

I had a family to feed and a decision to make. I reached out to some friends on Money Twitter, made some new acquaintances, and set myself to learning new skills. By May of 2020, I was making more than I was at the job I left. I am now happier than I have ever been.

I made decisions that have affected my life tremendously. I could have decided to give up, fall into depression, and let life defeat me. I did not. I will not. Neither should you.

Reality of Life

Because life is not fair. Despite the current desires of today’s youth, there is no system of equality. Race, sex, age does not play a role in what you can do or accomplish. The determination of yourself is the deciding factor in your life.

Passing the blame is a weakness. Allowing something to conquer you is a weakness. Giving up is a weakness. Throwing up your hands is a weakness. If you aren’t willing to fight for something that you want, you were not worthy of possessing it in the first place. If you’re not willing to give it your everything, then you are not the one chosen for it.

Relationships, jobs, family, religion you choose to fight for these things, or you are not worthy of them. Because anything worth having is worth fighting to attain. Nothing in life comes easy; if it does, be suspicious of it. If it is too good to be true, it is. You all know this; why do you ignore it?

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