The Flame Within

by Feb 22, 2021

(editor note: Over the last couple of years, I have had many conversations with Cooper, he has been a motivator, kick in the asser, willing to listen, and offered advice when warranted. He is was one of the most intense men I know. It brings me great pleasure to introduce him, as he branches into podcasting to help more men out, even as he continues his own journey.)


I have been on a “journey” of self-development for a number of years, specifically in the realm of masculinity and trying to re-learn everything that was ever taught to me by my parents and society as a whole. I have been there, done that, and currently still writing the book. During all of this, I have become critical of men in general, and even though I have thrown ropes to men, I believe I can do more, and “The Flame Within” is my attempt to reach out to men who are struggling with relationships and life in general.

I had to sit myself down and ask myself, “how can I be so critical of men in general when they haven’t had the benefit of the education that I have?” As “they” say, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Men have been conditioned socially in this femmcentric society, much to the point that they are unrecognizable as men, or they perpetuate a stereotype (think Kevin James in Queen of Kings) where he’s an overweight lovable loser who has a “hot” wife. Although it’s debatable that his co-star is hot, you get the point. Fat guy who acts like a clown and manages to stay married because she’s willing to put up with his buffoonery. That’s not real life.

What I speak about is real life and the way the world works, as I see it. It is the reality of relationships and what it takes to be a good man. Men struggle enough; you can look around and see that everywhere. Men who are weak do not know how to dress themselves, being led around the mall by their noses and doing things they do not want to do. I want men to stop doing things they do not want and start living the life they want, not what others want them to do.

Although this podcast is slanted a little more towards the married man, because that’s what I am, it will cover topics from A-Z regarding living a better life as a man and living it on your own terms. The perspective of “The Flame Within” is raw, gritty, and unconventional. That is, I have ideas that are in stark contrast to what some men believe, especially about women. The first 10 episodes revolve around the topic of marriages and long-term relationships that are in trouble and how men can improve themselves in a way that may help improve the relationship. Right about episode 10, I am going to drop a bomb, and that idea will be in stark contrast to much of the preaching of it being your fault. Listen in and stay tuned for that episode.

If you are a man that needs help in any realm of masculinity, you can find me, “Coop” on Twitter @masculinelife, my podcast, which is available on most platforms but hosted on Anchor at anchor.FM/theflamewithin

Cooper Jakes



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