The Last Generation of Men

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       The boys of Generation X where born between the years 1965 & 1980. We are part of a small generation. A generation of mostly divorced parents and broken homes making many of us latchkey kids. 

      At an early age we were coming home from school alone to empty houses while our typically divorced parents were still at work. This left us to fend for ourselves and perhaps care for our younger siblings. We were forced to grow up fast, become independent, and self-reliant. Turning some of us in mannish boy’s virtually overnight. 

     We are also considered the “boomer bridge”, as we create a connection between Boomers and millennials. Two huge generations. 

      As men this carries both positive and negative results. On the positive side, even though our fathers where largely separated from us they were still a positive influence in our lives. They were still masculine, and men’s men so to speak. Them, along with our grandfathers, and great grandfathers in some cases showed us what being a man was all about. 

     They taught us about things like the importance of a firm handshake, stoicism, respect for others as well as ourselves, Stick-to-itiveness’, hard work, self-determination, and honor. They showed us that we could do anything another man could do if we were willing to humble ourselves and learn from others. 

      For example, my grandfathers both built their own homes. (Neither of which was a carpenter by trade.) and my father can fix, or repair most anything from his truck, to his plumbing and electricity. These men passed down this knowledge and the example dogged self-reliance to us. 

      On the negative side, ironically enough; Boomers where the same generation to give us things like Title 9, push feminism to a fever pitch, essentially stifle masculinity, and begin to feminize our sons. The severely negative side effects of these things really didn’t affect us much but have really hurt and demoralized the men and boys of the millennial generation. 

      As Generation X’ers we are the last generation of “go outside kids”.  We are the last group of boys to be free of helicopter moms, overly sensitive soy boys, more than two genders, and schools that want to feminize boys so they can begin to “get in touch with their softer side”. 

     Just as we bridge the gap between these two generations, we are also the torch bearers of true manliness. This leaves the job of showing the next generation examples of positive masculinity squarely upon our shoulders. 

     Lately I’ve seen a real resurgence of men who have begun to search themselves, reconnect with their own masculinity and come out the other side a better more positive man for having done so. 

      With the emergence of guys like Jocko Willink, Jack Donovan and others to blaze a trail of masculine resurgence I’m hopeful. That, coupled with us being a generation of men forced to learn independence that inspired self-confidence from an early age, expected nothing, and were willing to work hard for everything we wanted without bitching or complaining, I think we’re up to the task. 

Sigur Eda Valhalla

IG @sigur_eda_valhalla

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  1. Well said!!

  2. Awesome post! Now, I understand why I have never quite understood the generations after me!

  3. Well done my man! Very accurate!

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