The Proof Is In The Purpose

by Apr 23, 2020

I’ve met a lot of miserable people, hell I used to be one of them. I often catch myself in the middle of hurling judgement when someone is complaining, crying, or bleeding to death… whatever, and then I tell myself “Jayson, put down the rock and step away from the glass house.”

I’ve been a trainer/coach/fitness guru for well over 13 years and a singer-songwriter with a sexy ass baritone for closer to 25, and I can tell you that life coaching and, well, being a psychologist are part of the program. You simply cannot deal with the physical without dealing with the emotional when people who crave a better way of existing, and have no idea how to do it, enter into your gym.

That being said, I deal with a lot of people who suffer from severe depression, often times sudden onset. Yes, that’s a thing. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, but it always has a reason for rearing its ugly head faster than a rich nerd groom who says “I do” to his smoking soon-to-be-bride because he has no idea she’s just marrying him for the money; and will probably end up poisoning him to get it faster. Depression is dark, pummels you into submission and it makes you question whether you want to eat a waffle, tie up a noose as a final gift to yourself or set the neighbor’s swimming pool on fire.

The solution is this: find your purpose in society. Yes, that’s it. Sit down, ask yourself, ask your god, ask your hamster, ask whatever: 

“What do I offer?” 

“What and how can I contribute to others?” 

“How can I make a difference?” 

“How can I make the world a better place?” 

I donate to 5 different kitten rescue charities, because kittens, so don’t tell me you can’t find a way to give back. Giving back is the absolute key to making yourself feel better if Captain Darky Pants has hold of you. The caveat is to not force it, because you may not know right now, AND THAT’S OKAY. You will figure it out. 

You don’t necessarily need to donate money. You could volunteer to read books to Edna at the old folks’ home. She won’t remember who you are half the time, but she will appreciate the company, and won’t expect much from you aside from perhaps helping her locate her dog who died 20 years ago.

If you don’t like old people because they smell like mothballs and get walking farts, then don’t deal with them. If you don’t like kids, I wouldn’t recommend volunteering at a childrens’ hospital. If you don’t like kittens, then I don’t like you, so get the fuck out of my face. Just find an endeavor that allows you to give back. Anyone right now can round up old clothes and donate them to the Salvation Army, just don’t donate so many that you spend the rest of your days getting arrested for indecent exposure.

The thing is, if you always expect things given to you, I PROMISE you that you will remain in whatever shit-filled rut that’s playing Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” on repeat until the day you die. I don’t care if it’s handing out soup at the homeless shelter, your purpose MUST be found. Do they “hand out” soup??? I digress.

Here is the thing:  your purpose, find it. Else you will be wandering this earth like a weird naked Indian in a Jim Morrison LSD-infused fever dream.

–Jayson the Argonaut
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