The Right Pipe For A Excellent Lunt

by May 26, 2021

The Pipe Rack

There is something soul-freeing about a good lunting. About heading to your pipe rack and finding the personality that fits you that day, yes, pipes have personality. A good pipe is a lot like a good friend. It can bring you comfort, and it can bring you clarity. Some pipes can enhance your mood, and some can change your mood. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures. Their colors and finishes are unique to each one and unique to your own hand.

After you have lovingly fondled a pipe for years and years, they begin to take on characteristics of the hand and person that holds them. Pipes are as intricate as a woman; they even have their moods. I have had pipes that simply would not stay lit that day, no matter how hard I tried. I did not listen to my pipe; it didn’t want to be smoked that day, but I tried to force it, and we ended up fighting all day—a lot like a marriage.

And then there is your tobacco choice. Are you going with vapors that day? Maybe a complex English? Or my favorite, earthly burley. Each tobacco comes with its own profile and its own personality as well. One tobacco may touch on all your senses today but leave you unsatisfied tomorrow. Some are a faithful companion that brings you familiarity and joy every time you smoke it. Picking tobacco for your walk is like picking which friend you will hang out with that day.

The new guy that is exciting and different? Or the old friend that helps you get lost in conversation? Well, that depends on what you want out of your lunting experience. For you, my new readers, I have written about lunting in a while, and you may not know what it is. Simply this, it is taking a walk with a tobacco pipe.

The Mood

So, what kind of walk are you taking? Is it an exciting exploration into an unknown forest, or is it a leisurely stroll down a well-known path that you could probably navigate blindfolded? It truly does matter. A low nicotine fast-burning tobacco with intense flavor would probably not help you set the mood for a stroll through your thoughts. And the opposite is true for the nicotine-heavy, earth blends that tickle your senses ever so slightly.

Today I embraced two old friends. A Missouri meerschaum hardwood, and Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic. I pack my pipe, get the cherry glowing and take off down a path I have walked a thousand times before.
I have had a lot on me lately. I have a lot to think about health problems, mental problems, financial problems, and spiritual problems. I have solutions to work out and actions to implement. I am beginning with a walk. Usually, on my luntings, I place many of my thoughts on the art of lunting itself, most notably the pipe and the smoke.

This one is a little different. This one, my attention seems to be drawn to the abundance of creation that surrounds me. I feel bad for you city folks; you’re missing so much beauty in your concrete jungles.


The majestic eagle I see surfing the winds high up. The stressed-out morning dove whose breakfast I just interrupted. The squirrels are chattering in the trees, and somewhere in the distance, I hear a call of someone’s lonely mournful sounding dog. The turtles are sliding off of their perches on the old rotting log and into the safety of the pond as they peek their heads out of the water, wondering if I’m a threat to them.

The honeybees dancing along with the white blooms of the Chinese privet trees growing along my path are all buzzing around with one purpose in life, their purpose. The dragonflies are skimming the surface of the water, depositing their eggs for the next generation to thrive.

They all have something in common. They all live very simple lives without the need for material possessions and vindication from one another. They go about their natural order, live, die, and the world keeps turning. I envy them.


But why can’t we be like them? Seriously, what is stopping us? Other than us? We desire all of these material things, including this pipe I am smoking. We are always looking for the next nice car, a bigger house, or the latest cell phone. We work our asses off to pay for all this stuff we want to accumulate. Wealth seems to be determined by material goods versus things of actual value, such as our children and our parents.

We will spend a few thousand dollars for a week at Disney. 80k on a truck. $1200 on a TV. And we work hard to get these things that add no real value to our lives other than entertainment and distraction. We seem to have lost the ability to enjoy our lives. That in and of itself is a true tragedy. It’s a tragedy that I have fallen into myself.

Well, my pipe is growing cold, and it’s time to end our walk. Thank you for accompanying me yet again on this long-overdue lunting. Excuse me while I ponder on all these things. I have some decisions to make and changes to enact. Until next time, keep your pipes clean and your tobacco burning. Get out and enjoy life a little.


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