The Wrath Of A Peaceful Man

by Dec 9, 2021

Todays Thought

Here lately, I have been stuck on a thought. Fear the wrath of peaceful men. This really stems from everything going on in our country and really in the whole world here lately. I am a man that has seen my share of violence and evil, enough to last me for several lifetimes. I know many men like me, we prefer peace, and we desire nothing more than to be left alone.

This concept of peace and privacy is something that seems to be becoming lost on the world at large. So many things have been going down lately, and I would like to address a couple of big ones before divulging my thoughts.


If you have not been following what is going on in Australia, it is quite scary. A democratic and free society, a beacon of freedom in the Pacific, has become a bastion of tyranny and government overreach. People with the virus are being carted away to isolation camps against their will. 

People who are suspected of having contacted are being carted away.

People are not allowed to leave a 5-mile radius of their homes. People are escaping these camps and are being treated like criminals when found—imprisoned and fined large amounts by the state.


Austria has locked away all the unvaccinated. In order to drive, travel, shop at a store, visit a park, or do pretty much anything, you have to show your vax passport. Show me your papers in modern terms. It’s basically Nazi Germany all over again. Speaking of Germany. I have seen where a member of the EU parliament from Germany was speaking out against the lockdown and telling people to resist. She was addressing the Australian people directly.

This has created an entire segment of the population that is hellbent on ruining the lives of everyone. There is no privacy anymore. “I did what I was told to do” is now a flex. Those who choose to think their own thoughts are looked down on by those who think what they’re told to think.

In a decade

We’ve gone from compliance being a sign of weakness to compliance being a sign of a good citizen of the world system: localism, independence, and self-sufficiency, a sign of barbaric and distrustful behavior.

Families have been set against each other. Neighbors have been set against each other, parents and children set against each other. We have become a world defined entirely by divide. At this point, it no longer matters if is some historical cycle coming back around or biblical prophecy being fulfilled. All that matters is how we all respond and adapt to the changing world.

One group of people that is emerging into a third camp is somewhat of an isolationist group. They are the people that wish to be left alone. Some of them have complied with mandates, some of them have resisted, but they chose for themselves and have no opinion on the choices of others.

This group is all that is left of the old ways of the world. People that can be friendly and care for someone they disagree with, People that never try to push their own ideas and beliefs on other. People of peace.

These are the people that everyone is either forgetting about or are vastly underestimating. These are the people that will survive and rebuild whatever disastrous result that will come from our current divide.

Peaceful Men

These peaceful men are the ones who will bring hell’s wrath to bare on all who fail to leave them be. Peaceful men just want to be left alone. They are often the ones targeted and I believe that it is because they are not understood and underestimated.

Peaceful men are often kind or at least amicable to those around them. They are always kind to those that they love and care for; in today’s society, kindness is often viewed as a weakness.

Peaceful men are often compassionate. This compassion makes them the enemy to both sides of the divide. If I give a BLM protestor a bottle of water because I see he’s dehydrated and not doing well, the right will hate me. Likewise, if I see someone wearing a trump shirt bleeding on the ground and I stop to bandage them and help them, the left will hate me. Compassion has been removed from the world.

Peaceful men are also often quiet men, and this too has become unacceptable to both sides of the divide. A refusal to speak out in support or to shout down the other side makes you an enemy and someone to be mistrusted and even hated.

But here’s the thing. Kindness is not weakness; quietness is not indifference. It is quite the opposite. Kindness is strength. Quietness is wisdom. And with both comes the judgment of the gods.

There will come a time when peaceful men no longer choose to be peaceful, and as I said before, they will bring hell’s fury with them. A woman scorned has no comparison to a man who has made a decision to alter the future. A man who knows that he is destroying everything he created and everything he loved will bring about destruction and mayhem to everything he touches.

A peaceful man who has lost his peace is a man truly to be feared.


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