Truths Hidden In The Social Media

by Sep 17, 2020

Social Media

Typically, I am preaching about how you spend too much time on social media. Not only should you take a break from it but also reduce your exposure overall to it. I am going to go against that in some regards today. I believe in this year of strangeness. With all the lies thrown about, it is harder to hunt down the truth of situations that are happening so rapidly.

I think we still need to watch our time on it instead of cutting out all political people. We need to search out and find a couple of reliable resources searching for and posting the truth or getting closer to the accurate information. 

The news hits with a sensational story. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon, both for or against. People are quickly working on getting their piece of the action. Working to stay at the forefront for their followers and to increase their followings. Even with the best intentions, they spread more false information due to only being able to say opinions. 


For there is a plan going on, and conspiracies are leading to agendas. No, I am not talking about tinfoil hat conspiracies. Simple that there are people that are conspiring both for and against us. 

“Conspire: to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement. “

At the core, many conspire against their common man for greed and power. This is nothing new and has been going on since the dawn of man. Recognizing the fact that it is going on is a subject that could be debated.

Stop and Breathe

With the mad flow of information quickly available at our fingertips. People have forgotten how to stop for a moment and truly look at the situation. There is an emotional spike that hits, and people want to get their two cents in. If they took a moment to breathe and look at the whole picture, they would realize they jumped to the wrong conclusion. 

An excellent example of this is the recent George Floyd debacle. Was there a lot of things that were done wrong and looked worse. Were good men used as a scapegoat to further a narrative of hate and divide? The simple answer is yes. 

Yet logic was thrown out the window, emotion took over the local community and spread to the nation and then to the world. People on the other side of the world protesting about what is going on here in the states. You would think they would have their own issues to deal with. If they had stopped and breathed for a moment, they might have realized how nuts they are. 

Double Standard

Now going to remind you of something, men are logical – women are emotional. This is how we wired, one deep rabbit hole? Yes. Debate beyond that is not within the scope of this article. Within the relationship, the man needs to be the buffer for his woman. 

This leads to men need to keep up with what is currently going on to be prepared. For what could affect you and your family. Men need to search out the truth and not jump to conclusions. To have the where for all to look beyond the bull shit that is being always dump on you.

Now, on the other hand, women need to look at shutting down social media. The less that they are on it, the more emotionally stable they will be. The emotional dump that is the news media, with added hysteria, along with emotionally charged conversations. For many women, it is emotional overload. 

The Truth

The truth is out there, funny enough small parts of the media even put the truth out after the fact to say they did. However, those are not the headlines; they usually appear at the end of some article as an edit that few people will ever see. 

That way, they can say they did good in the reporting and told the truth when questioned on it later. These truths are where certain people on social media can be beneficial to you, searching for those edits at the end of articles. Then when finding these tidbits of information, posting to give you a bigger picture of what happened. 

These same people are often obsessed with finding out the truth and prove mass media wrong. Which is good for us that do not have the time to do the research ourselves. They verify statements, they look up the reports, they even talk to the people involved. Can this information still be slanted? Absolutely. It gives you a more immense scope of information to make your own educated guess from. 

Take a Break

Get your breaks in from the digital pixels, get outside and soak in some nature. Light up a pipe and go lunting. Going sailing, hit the gun range, tune-up the bow, play with your kids, tie up your girl for some fun. Do some activities to clear the mind of the emotional deluge that is social media. 

Pack up the fishing polls and go camping. Hit the mountains for some climbing and hiking. Go on adventures by yourself and with those you hold dear. A picnic in the park can do wonder for your health even tho you may end up having a war with the ants. 

Start making your life exciting. You don’t have to be base jumping, running 200 mph on a motorcycle, or going through the deep jungles of a faraway place. You can find adventure and excitement in your own back yard. 

Be Prepared

For whatever may come, be ready, stay abreast of what is going on in the world around you. Don’t let your duties slack at home tho with concern for things out of your control. Be the buffer, protector, warrior that your family, friends, community needs. 

Be a Barbarian. 


Written by Nathan
Twitter @steeljanz
IG @barbarianrhetoric


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