What Excuse do you Have for your Failure?

by Aug 8, 2019

I am going to start my challenge the first of the month. I will conquer the world. My life is going change. How many times have you said this to yourself? How many times you have you failed? How many times have you made it? I think these challenges are good, accomplish a short goal challenge and your better for it. Fail and you have can have some retrospection of why and make corrections.

All comes down to how you approach it.

In the month of July, I set myself a goal of doing 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 body squats. This was just to keep the body moving and working. My schedule had been and continued to be very busy. Normal schedule of lifting to disruptive, instead of stressing over it. I changed tactics. Now if I missed anything or came up short, I would make up for the next day. Life can throw curve balls.

I did well each day, I even hooked up with a brother in arms who was finishing up another challenge of pushups. We challenged and held each other accountable. Everything was solid. And then, you knew there would be and then. The first Fraternity Of Excellence event happened. Traveling out to it I kept on schedule, yet once there with everything I had going on I decided I would take a break from my challenge, this was a bad idea, there is no good reason for it all. In fact, with the amount stuff going on. Others doing pushups. There really was no excuse to take a break beyond me slacking. I kept telling myself I will catch up quick not that many extra. Well had a great event. Many accomplishments to be had. Then I headed home. For all the fun I had, I overtaxed myself. Would not change a thing except for; should of kept my challenge going, discipline would have won the day. For when I got home, I was spent I didn’t get going on my challenge the pile of exercises continued to grow.

I did a few here and there but not the numbers I needed. Three days to go before the end of month I added up how much more I had to do, it was around 1000 pushups, 1700 sit ups 1800 squats. Well here is the thing, spread out over days this is not hard at all to accomplish, jam all of those into three days, well the mind was finally willing, but the body was not. I made the decision that I messed up and failed this personal challenge. It was having adverse effects both on body and mind.

Sometimes when a challenge becomes to overwhelming its time to reset. I reset my physical, I am back to my routine of lifting. I reset my mind, the stress of failure no longer there. I am reflecting on why I failed, I let the tasks build up to an unmanageable level. This solidifies the fact that you can’t wait to the last moment to get things done. Taking on life challenges in smaller increments will give you greater accomplishments. Life is a marathon not a sprint, there is moments when a sprint is needed, then get back to steady.

The month of July was full of accomplishments and goals attained. If I listed them all out would complete overshadow the one failure I had. You may even say; did it really matter in the over all scheme of things. This time it did not, a simple physical challenge is all that it was, but what if it had been something of more importance. What if failure was not an option? What if instead of reflecting on how to do better next time, I scoffed and said whatever. These thoughts lead to failure. For you if you start letting your self-discipline go in area of your life it will start to affect other areas also.

I feel that was a good reminder lesson, I continue to push forward.

Think on what you have been slacking on, what have you done good, how this affects your day to day. Push forward continue to win.

Agnitio Veritas Macto

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