When Tomorrow Never Comes

by May 29, 2021


How often have you said to yourself that you will get to that (thing) tomorrow? Yet tomorrow never comes, and you do not get the (thing) accomplished. Each person who reads this has a list of things that need doing, don’t kid yourself into thinking you don’t. It does not matter if your dirt poor or the wealthiest person on the face of the earth. 

The question comes into what you can do yourself, or what do you delegate to others? Many nuances feed into this thought—a couple of quick thoughts. If you want to build your body, guess what? It is all on you. You might get a coach and a nutritionist; however, it’s still up to you to get it done. Now, if you want a super clean house, this can be a delegation to a maid. 

Are you with me so far? Good. 

Now there are many ways to look at what you need to get done. Setting your priorities up is very important. Have a clear understanding of what you need to get done will simplify the thought process. The hard part here is this is easier said than done. The reason is that busy work, the destroyer of accomplishing your priorities, eats up time, pushing what needs to happen now to tomorrow. 

Does Tomorrow Exist

What would happen if tomorrow does not become your today? What unfinished business do you have? What have you left unsaid? You could be thinking the terms of, well, if I die in my sleep tonight, why should I even care? And I would agree, why would you care? Your tomorrows are done here on middle earth. 

How often have you heard someone else say that they wish they had told their father, mother, sibling, friend, etc., something before they passed, or were able to do something with them. With the excuse of I am busy, I will call them tomorrow. Busywork is a killer. 

Many people regret putting off talking to a loved one or friend, thinking tomorrow will always come. 

A bit of a dark subject that I think too many ignore, or even worse, give lip service to and preach about yet still do nothing themselves. It is a demon I fight; I often find some dumb excuse as to why I can not call and talk to my mentor, uncles, family, and friends. Besides maybe being in a coma, do you have a good excuse for your why? I sure don’t.

Big Projects

Large-scale projects take time with many different facets to them. Often having to work with others leads to you having to rely on them to get their part done and is out of your control. 

The question here is then, what can you do yourself on other priorities? Instead of going, Netflix and chill because I won’t be able to work on that till they get their part done. I would be willing to bet that there are a hundred other things you could be accomplishing. 

How do I know this? Easy I know how long my list is; I know how long many of my friend’s lists are, which lets me know your counting on tomorrow to get it done. However, if you’re not checking boxes off daily of accomplishments, what are you getting done? However, you need to question if the boxes you are checking off are true priorities or busywork. 

Scheduled Accomplishments

Daily, monthly, yearly of things you need to get done, how much can you put on autopilot, yet we end up making a big deal out of them. Something that should take a minute turns into an ordeal. Routines help to get the regular stuff out of the way. 

Adding a bit of discipline into your life will, in the end, free up more time to get other things done today instead of tomorrow while still giving you time to relax with your favorite book or even give you some time on your favorite visual platform. 

About every self-help book out there talks about creating routines to help you accomplish your priorities and goals. Reading about many of the great people in history, you will see a pattern of how they used routines to accomplish more. Having a natural flow to the day creates time for the unexpected while still getting the mundane done. 


Reaching out, big projects, routine stuff are all things I believe many of you think about, and when you do (hopefully), act upon and execute. My next question is, how many little things do you ignore? 

I am talking about the little things around the house. A cup that has been used and needs put in the sink. You walk by it and the sink how many times before you pick up and take it there. You are dropping clothes or your shoes where ever instead of putting them in their place. Instead of complaining about how dirty the park is, pick up that piece of trash along the trail when walking. 

The list of the little things that you pass by constantly is very long for many of you. These little things that are left undone start stacking up. Then you realize you are overwhelmed, and then significant actions are required. If you are constantly doing little things to keep your house, car trails clean, It won’t take you hours and days to clean it up. Yet how often is this forgotten, often blamed on busywork with the thought of I will get it to it tomorrow. 

Scattered Thoughts

Tomorrow is something that has been on my mind a lot this past month. I have been working around what I consider my priorities. I reduced my online time from social media, from this website ( A huge thank you to Padre, he carried May for me), and my online store BarbaricSoap, all have taken a back seat. The only thing that stayed consistent was the BR Podcast.  I am back to work on getting things done today because tomorrow is not assured.

There is part of me that is all done with the online world; not being tapped into the cesspool all the time is refreshing. Tho at the same time, I have met so many great people, I am not ready to give it up. For I know, there are more great people out there that will enrich my life. The world is large; going online makes it smaller. 

This past month, I have many accomplishments that I can check the boxes off for unfortunately; at the same time, I realized I got caught up in busy work, putting off tomorrow what I could have done in a couple of mins. Take a moment to sit back and reflect. Look around you; how much of what you are doing is worthless busywork vs. accomplishments?


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