With Out Failure No Room To Grow, Stuck In A Small Town

by Sep 10, 2019


Then something happens to you when you graduate from high school. You start to see the small town that you loved so much in a new light. Everything that was good in the town started to show its true colors. The blinds had finally been pulled back. You realize that you had spent eighteen years of your life confined within the imaginary walls of that small town because to you it was safe from crime and poverty. There everyone knew you, so you were always somebody you didn’t have to make a name for yourself or meet anyone new. The easy mundane life could be lived within the confines of that small town.

I did not move out of the town right away, I got the whole inside look into the older generations lives inside the town. For the most part it was good family trying to do right by their kids so they could grow up in the tight knit community and they would be able to know that their kids are always safe. Then there were the cliques of parents that would spread rumors about everyone that didn’t have a big last name. They would do everything they could to make other people look bad so they would end up looking better. It’s a very petty thing to do and is a constant thing that pushes people out of the town within a few short years.

With the small town mentality came a small minded mentality as well. If you somehow thought in a different way than the small group you conformed with, you would be ostracized or shamed. This always leads to many people spinning their wheels, but never gaining traction on new ideas or methods of thinking. 

You would think that with all these bad things you would hate that small little town you grew up in, but that’s just not true. You loved it while you were growing up. Now that you’re an adult it just lets you know that there is so much more out there in the world. You’ve just got to be willing to take the leap of faith to becoming a nobody all over again. You’ll have to fail over and over again, but you’ll be better off for it because in this life you need to take chances. You need to face the risks that the small town living just can’t offer. Some people need to struggle to find the beauty in not knowing exactly what the next step is in their life. 

If you feel closed in, within the space that you’ve been living in just remember in this great country you are free to uproot yourself and leave.

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