You Do Not have to Struggle alone in Life

by Jul 28, 2019

A unique thing has happened along the way of me finding a tribe of men. I have started building friendships again. Something that had been lacking in my life. Now you may go; really you have no friends.  Well what is a friend? How do you define a friend? What does friendship mean to you? For we may call some one a friend but really at the end of the day are they.

You could say that a friend is not an enemy. Simple enough yet this is very surface level and shallow. Not shallow in derogatory way more of the lines of a moment in time. Helping each other out a trail, handing water to someone at a race. Sitting at a park having afternoon conversation about how great life can be. Then when that moment is gone you move on. You may never meet that person again. For that moment of time you were friends.

In work and play many people interact with others, I would term most of these people as acquaintances. Friendship works here also; it moves up another level because you see these people on a regular basis. Chat around coffee pot, sit next to each other during a sporting event. Working as a team for a sport or group at work. Might even go out to dinner on occasion or hang out at event. This is where many stronger friendships begin, there is a vetting process going on as you decided how much time of yourself you wish to give these other people. At this level of friendship, you may even have those that are willing to help you out in a time of need.

As friendship grows over time you will get to a level with another man that he will have your back. A bond forms that is more than just simple friendship, you become brothers, family, a clan with inside a tribe. These are the greatest friendships because time has no meaning. You may not even see each other for days, months, sometimes years at a time. A simple phone call, text, or visit in person and you start up right where you left off when you last seen each other. This to me is who I truly can say are my friends. As I sit here typing these words out, I can think of three Men that fit this criterion. I have known one for over two decades and the other two for over a decade. We watch out for each other, even if sometimes from afar.

This is not enough, to have a few friends. You need to surround yourself with many friends so you may grow greater as man and help them grow also in their missions in life. I have found my tribe, the Fraternity of Excellence, inside this tribe the seeds of friendship have been planted and are growing. Friends are becoming brothers, a family united. Also, a clan is forming, for you see there can be many clans within the tribe. This is a good thing; it strengthens the bonds and makes the tribe stronger. Then we may support each other in good times and bad.

As I go into 2nd half of what I consider my life, I am building a new future with many friends to enrich my life and hopefully one day the life of my son.

Friendships, Brotherhood, Clan, Tribe search out yours you will be better for it.

Agnitio Veritas Macto

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